Stone bathtubs are becoming popular in high-end homes. If you are looking for a unique look for your bathroom, you may be considering a stone bathtub. But since these are not common, you may not know if it is the best option for your space. Learning about the pros and cons associated with stone bathtubs can help you make an educated decision as to whether this is something you should seriously consider for your bathroom. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of stone bathtubs. 

The Cons of Stone Bathtubs

  • The Cost of the Bathtub

One of the primary cons of a stone bathtub is the cost. Stone bathtubs are both extremely costly to purchase and to install in your home. If you are on a budget and are looking for an affordable bathtub, this is not the right tub for your home. 

  • The Weight of the Tub

The other disadvantage to a stone bathtub is the weight of the tub. Stone bathtubs are very heavy. As such, they are not a great choice for bathrooms on the second floor. If you are set on installing one on the second floor, the floor may need to be reinforced in order to support the weight of the tub. This can be pricey and laborious. 

The Pros of Stone Bathtubs

  • The Tub's Appearance

The major advantage to a stone bathtub is its appearance. A stone bathtub looks natural and rustic. It is unique and has an appearance that is not typically seen in bathrooms. If you are looking to make your bathroom a natural sanctuary, a stone bathtub may be the perfect option for the space. 

  • The Durability of the Bathtub

The other benefit to a stone bathtub is its durability. Stone bathtubs are extremely durable. When it comes to regular fiberglass and porcelain tubs, you have to be careful not to scratch the paint off of them. Scratches and staining are a thing of the past when it comes to stone. Stone is able to take a lot of abuse and still look great. 

Stone bathtubs are actually made from stone. This gives them a unique look and lends to their durability. However, it also makes them expensive and heavy. Stone bathtubs are the perfect statement piece for some bathrooms, while they are simply too much for others. Do your research to learn if it is ideal for your space.