The decision to buy a home that requires a little fixing up is a great way to maximize your home buying budget while giving you room to add your personal touch to the house. Now that you've settled in, it's time to start focusing on the kitchen where you plan to spend many happy hours preparing meals and hosting social gatherings. In most kitchens, the cabinets are a major focal point, and outdated or broken cabinets detract from the overall aesthetics of the space. As you get ready to plan your remodel, consider these factors to determine whether your cabinets need a full replacement or if they can be salvaged with refacing.

Inspect the Condition of the Original Cabinets

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors, drawers and hardware on the main cabinet boxes. The existing cabinet boxes can then be covered with materials such as solid wood or veneers to enhance the aesthetics and make them match the new doors. This option tends to be less expensive, but it might not be ideal if the current cabinets have a large amount of damage.

Keep Other Kitchen Changes in Mind

In some instances, cabinets may need to be removed. For instance, you might need to reconsider the current cabinet arrangement if you plan to install new appliances or move them to different locations within the kitchen. During the planning process for the remodel, make sure to discuss all of the changes that you expect to make in the kitchen before you have the cabinets refaced or installed.

Assess Potential Storage Needs

Older homes tend to have less storage space than people prefer today. Explore new cabinetry options such as ones that maximize space by fitting into corners or that include slide-outs to get the most out of small spaces. If your current cabinet set up does not fit your needs for storage, then custom cabinets are an ideal option that allows you to add storage where you want it. If you do choose to install new cabinets, you might be able to keep the old ones as well by refacing them to match the newest ones.

Over the years, you will spend many hours in the kitchen entertaining your family and friends. Make sure that your cabinets function well with your lifestyle and enhance the aesthetics of your home by exploring all of the options that are available for your kitchen remodel.