One of the home improvements that you may be considering for your home is window treatments or new windows. Measuring the windows for different improvements is important. If you are adding curtains for window treatments, the measurements should be wider than the opening, for replacement windows, the measurements need to be in the frame or for thermal blinds, the measurements need to be tight inside the window seal. Here are some tips to help with the measuring of different window improvements that you are planning for your home:

Taking Measurements for New Windows and Replacements for Renovations

Measuring windows for new installations or replacements is something that needs to be done accurately. First, you want to check with the manufacture about the measurements of new windows. Remove the interior trim and measure the rough opening size from the inside of the wood frame of your home, and not the actual window casing. If the measurements for the new windows are a little different, you can adjust or use different size windows where they are needed.

Measurements for Curtains and Window Treatments in Interior Design Projects

The improvements you may be planning can include interior design. For window treatments like curtains, you do not need to be as accurate, as with things like installing replacements or new windows. You do want to make sure that the curtains or other window treatments cover the area beyond interior trim. Take your measurements from the outside of the casing of the window, which you may even want to measure treatments a little large to give you a room to play with.

Measuring Thermal Blinds Accurately to Make the Most of Energy Improvements

There are also window treatments that you may be doing for energy improvements. When measuring for thermal blinds, the measurements should be as accurate as possible. The thermal blinds and other window treatments for energy improvements should be measured to fit tightly inside the window casing. Measure from the inside of the window casing to get the most accurate measurements. If any of the windows have different measurements at the top and bottom, thermal blinds can sometimes be cut to fit to hide these imperfections. It is best to repair any openings to ensure that your new window treatments work properly.

These are some tips that will help you with the improvements that you are planning for your windows. Contact window service, like Affordable Home Remodeling, to get help with the window improvements you need for your home.