Small kitchens can be a challenge to work with, but if you are planning to remodel anyway it is easy to incorporate changes that will maximize the available space. It is not always practical or possible to tear down walls and expand your kitchen during a remodel but you do have other options. These remodeling tips will help you make the most of a smaller kitchen, making it a much more functional and appealing place to spend time. Here are three remodeling ideas for your small kitchen:

Get Creative with Storage

Without adequate kitchen storage, a small kitchen can quickly become cluttered. Work with your kitchen remodeling team to incorporate creative storage solutions. Cabinets with slide out drawers, panels, and lazy Susans are a great way to maximize your space. Adding open shelving or cabinets in formerly empty spaces, such as on a side wall or over the fridge, will also give you more options.

A rolling kitchen island with storage underneath for pots and pans can be stashed in the dining room when not in use. Another idea is to turn an under-utilized hall closet into a pantry where you store your non-perishable food items.

Opt for Smaller Appliances

When space is no object, a second oven and a double-sized refrigerator may be appealing, but in a smaller kitchen, it's wise to opt for smaller appliances whenever practical. Smaller appliances will make the kitchen feel bigger and less cluttered and will allow for more storage and food prep space. Try a slimline refrigerator, which is stylish and practical without taking up much space. Small-scale built-in microwaves and dishwashers are also good ideas, especially if you are single or don't otherwise have a lot of people living in your home.

Let In Lots of Light

To make your small kitchen more pleasant and visually appealing, be sure to incorporate a lot of light into your remodeling plans. More light will help the space feel bigger and more airy, despite the small square footage. If possible, add a window or replace small windows with big ones that let in tons of natural light. Add a combination of stylish lighting inside the kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting, recessed ceiling lights, and pendant lights will all brighten your small kitchen while complementing your interior design choices.

Working with a kitchen design specialist when planning your remodel and incorporating these tips will ensure you end up with the kitchen you really want, no matter the size. Contact a company, like J&B Fine Cabinetry, for more help.