A dramatic change to make in your kitchen is to have an exterior door installed. While the kitchen already has one or more doors or entrances that connect it to the rest of the home, you might also wish to think about adding a door that goes directly outside. This is especially worth considering if your kitchen doesn't have an exterior door near it, which is the case in many homes. Provided that there's enough wall space to allow for a door, this is a project that your local remodeling contractor can perform for you. Adding an exterior door is a large endeavor, but it's straightforward and can dramatically change the feel and functionality of the kitchen. Here are some reasons to add a door.

Easier When You Have Groceries

When your kitchen doesn't have an exterior door, you frequently face the challenge of carrying large loads of groceries through the front door, down the hallway, and to the kitchen. This can be difficult, especially during the winter. For example, if you have a carpeted hallway, you won't want to walk on it with your wet boots. This means that you'll need to kick off your boots inside the door, go to the kitchen to unload the groceries, and then put your boots back on for subsequent trips. When your kitchen has an exterior door, you can step right into the kitchen and set the groceries on the nearby counter.

Helpful When Working In The Yard

If you're working in the back or side yard, it's handy to have easy access to the kitchen. Whether you need to get a glass of water on a hot day spent cutting the grass or you need to wash your hands after digging in the garden, being able to walk straight into the kitchen through an exterior door, rather than navigate other areas of the house, can be highly convenient — especially if you'll be going in and out of the kitchen multiple times.

It Can Make The Space Feel Larger

Windows are ideal for making any room in your home feel bigger, but you can't go overboard with windows in your kitchen because of the cabinets on the walls. Provided that you can add an exterior door, this can help to make the room feel larger. Always choose a door with glass panels in its upper half, as this will allow the light to flow in. A solid door, like you may have at the front of your house, won't achieve this same benefit.

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