One of the areas of your home where you may want to consider doing improvements is the bathroom. There are many options to do renovations to your bathroom, which do not always have to be costly. You may want to consider some budget ideas with up-cycling old furniture or installing modern vinyl plank flooring products. If you want to do bathroom renovations, here are some ideas that you will want to consider keeping your project affordable and on a budget:

1. Affordable and Durable Flooring Options for The Bathroom

Changing the flooring in your bathroom is an affordable renovation when you choose the right materials. Since there is moisture in a bathroom, you want to avoid materials like wood and parquet, which will easily wear and become damaged. The best and most affordable materials are vinyl flooring systems, which include plank systems with wood finishes, which will give you the look of wood flooring without the problems. If you want to custom tile, consider a combination of vinyl tile materials for custom renovations on a budget.

2. Design and Improvements to Make Bathrooms Feel More Spacious

If you are on a budget, your bathroom is going to have the same footprint, but you still want to make it feel more spacious. With good design and a couple of simple improvements, you will be able to give your bathroom more of an open feel. First, get rid of any curtains and replace them with tempered glass shower doors. Next, if you have big bulky cabinetry, consider replacing it with minimalist designs if it fits into your budget. Lastly, use mirrors, windows and natural light to give your bathroom more of a spacious feeling on a budget.

3. Lighting Improvements to Make Your Bathroom Brighter

The bathroom is an area of your home where you want to have plenty of light. You want to have plenty of lighting options in your bathroom. Since this is also one of the more intimate areas of your home, installing lighting that can be adjusted to set the mode is a great idea. Modern LED lighting strips are affordable and can easily be installed as back lighting in trim, as well as include control modules and remote, so you will be able to set the mood for a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, you need practical lighting in your bathroom that is bright and functional; install the brightest lights in the center of the room and above the bathroom vanity.

4. Upcycling with Old Furniture and Architectural Salvage

Another way to save on bathroom renovations is to use materials like old furniture and architectural salvage. These are materials that can be found from places like thrift stores and waste on construction sites. You may want to use old furniture as a vanity, which can be painted or refinished to achieve the look you want. Reclaimed architectural salvaged can be used for different finishes and features, such as timber for aged trim features, reusing an antique door, or using an old window sash as aged finish over a mirror pane that is mounted above the vanity. When it comes to upcycling for your bathroom design, the sky is the limit, and it is something that can be done with any budget for bathroom renovations.

These are some budget ideas that you may want to consider giving your bathroom an affordable makeover. Contact a cabinet service like Reliable Installations & Renovations, LLC for help with customizing or installation of reproduction furniture for your bathroom makeover project.