Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen but not sure where to start? In most kitchens, the cabinets are a focal point, so that is one of the best places to begin. There are so many different ways that you can design your cabinets to reflect your own unique sense of style for your home. This guide will go over some of the available options that you can apply to your kitchen cabinets, so when you do begin your home improvement project, you have plenty of ideas at the ready.

Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are very popular for many homeowners. The cabinets are made with a glass panel over the front of the cupboard, so you can see the contents inside of the cabinet. You can even get etched glass to make it look even more interesting. One of the downsides to having glass cabinets is that it doesn't look very nice if the contents are messy and randomly stacked.


Another option to consider is lighted cabinets. This option works best with the glass front cabinets. It lights the entire cabinet up with a light install at the top of the cabinet. You can also get cabinets that have lights installed on the bottom of the cabinet. This option only works for cabinets installed on the wall, not ones that are under the countertop.

Pull Out

Pull out cabinets are exactly what the name implies – they pull out much like a kitchen drawer does. A lot of people use these for holding these trash can and recycling bins. Others use a special pull out drawer to hold items like pots and pans for easy access.


Rotating cabinets are popular in a lot of kitchens. You can store canned goods or other food on the cabinets and rotate them to easily find all the items you need. It's a lot more convenient than storing the items in a pantry and having to dig through all the items for what you need. Most of the rotating cabinets are located in a corner of the kitchen so they don't take up so much room. There is a raised edge on the outside of the cabinet so nothing falls off while you are spinning it.


When you are ready for your big remodeling project, contact local cabinet services in your area and ask for some free quotes. Tell them which type of cabinets you want and if they are able to provide it for you.