One of the big choices to be made when replacing your kitchen cabinets is the color that they'll be. Many people like wood cabinets with light stain, while others prefer something bolder, such as stainless steel or frosted glass cabinet doors. Another option to consider is painting your wooden cabinet doors in a bright color or choosing a bright color of melamine for the doors. Before you go in this direction, it's a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks, including the following. 

Pro: They Cheer Up The Kitchen

You can't help but smile when you walk into a space that is brightly colored, and kitchen cabinets finished with bright colors are no different. Bright red, for example, can quickly cheer you up as you enter the space. This may prove to be useful if you're someone who could use a little excitement in your day. For example, if you aren't a morning person and struggle to get moving before work, a bright red kitchen might rev you up. 

Con: They Can Make The Space Seem Busy

Generally, lighter and more muted colors can feel calmer. Conversely, bright colors can actually be a source of stress. If your household is already a little chaotic — perhaps with you, your spouse, and your children all rushing around the kitchen to get out of the house in a timely manner each morning — bright kitchen cabinets may subtly contribute to the overall feeling of stress. 

Pro: They May Reflect Your Personality

Many homeowners have vibrant personalities, which may make lightly stained wooden cabinet doors seem a little too dull. If you're someone who dresses in bright, flashy clothing and favors driving a bright car, you might love the idea of choosing a bright color for your kitchen cabinets. As you enter the space, you may truly feel that it's indicative of who you are. 

Con: They May Seem Dated Faster

Sometimes, bright and bold colors don't have a long shelf life. Appliances from the 1970s, for example, in colors such as baby blue and avocado green, didn't stand the test of time — forcing conscientious homeowners to replace them perhaps before doing so was necessary. If you choose a bright color for your kitchen cabinets, you may feel that it isn't trendy enough in a few years' time, prompting you to think about another remodeling project. Speak to your custom cabinet installer about a bright color or, if you prefer something different, discuss your interests.

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