If you are tired of how your bathroom or kitchen cabinets look, and you want to change how they look, a great way to do that is by painting your kitchen cabinets. Painting your bathroom or kitchen cabinets can really change the way that they look.

#1 Protect Your Countertops

First, you are going to want to protect your countertops. To protect your countertops, purchase some rosin paper. You are going to want the paper to be wide enough to cover your countertops as well as any backsplash that you have in your kitchen. Tape down the paper under your countertop and to the wall of your kitchen as well. You don't want to have to remove paint from your countertop. This will also give you a great workspace; just make sure that the paper is secure.

#2 Remove Doors & Hardware

Second, you are going to want to remove the doors. Once you take off the doors, you are going to want to remove the hinges and the hardware. Removing the hinges and hardware will allow you to cleanly paint your cabinet doors and give you the best looking paint job. If you can't remove some of the hardware, you can cover it up with paint. Removing the hardware will give your cabinets the best look possible.

When you remove the cabinets and drawers, you are going to want to make sure that you label them. You can use numbers to label the cabinets and drawers and make a picture so that you know where to put them when you have finished painting.

#3 Clean Your Cabinets

Before you paint your cabinets, you are going to want to clean them well. Grease is really common on your cabinets. To get rid of grease, one of the best ways to clean your cabinets is with some simple dishwashing liquid, although you can also use a grease remover if there is a lot of grease built up on your cabinets.

Be sure to get rid of all the grease, rinse them off, and dry them before you paint the cabinets.

#4 Sand When Necessary

You should not have to do too much sanding, but you do want to get rid of any imperfections via sanding. In order to allow the paint to stick in place, lightly sand your cabinets with 120-grit sandpaper. You just need to get your cabinets a little rough in order for them to bond with the paint.

#5 Use A Fast-Drying Primer

When you choose a primer, be sure to choose one that is made to dry quickly. A fast drying primer will cut down on the amount of time that you have to wait before applying a second coat.

Follow the tips above in order to make sure that your bathroom or kitchen cabinets look great when you repaint them. For more information, contact your local bathroom remodeling service.