Kitchens are the most popular room to remodel for most American homeowners. They are frequently described as the heart of the home, and with the popularity of open-plan living, they're also the hub of family life. Kitchens tend to show their vintage a lot faster than other rooms in the home due to the density of features, so they need upgrading with more frequency than rooms such as the bedrooms and living rooms.

Unfortunately, kitchens are also one of the more expensive home improvement projects to undertake. Again, this is largely due to the sheer density of features and fixtures that you'll need to restore or replace. That's why it's important to think about your new kitchen with an eye to the future when you make design choices.

While it's natural to want a new kitchen that looks contemporary and stylish, it's also important to remember that many trends are transient. What is the height of style now may pass out of fashion in a few short years. Making sure that the core elements of the room have timeless style is a great way to avoid a new kitchen that dates rapidly. Here are two ideas that you might like to consider.

1. Hardwood cabinetry

Hardwood timber is a timeless and versatile material that makes an excellent choice for new kitchen cabinets. Timber has a natural warmth and charm that can help add enduring character and subtle color to any style of kitchen.

Timber is also highly durable and will last for decades if it's cared for correctly. Another benefit of timber is that if the surface becomes scratched, discolored, or scorched, it can be restored simply and inexpensively. By sanding and refinishing the surface of your timber cabinetry, it will look like new even after many years of use.

2. Marble counter tops

Marble is a strikingly beautiful material that's been used as a feature in homes for centuries. It's loved for the air of class and luxury that it brings to a room and is a big selling point when homes are on the market. Marble's timeless beauty makes it immune to falling out of fashion as trends change and it works perfectly in any style of decor, from ultra modern through to traditional.

While marble is an expensive option, it's generally well worth paying a little extra for. It's highly durable and will outlast virtually any other material. You won't need to replace it a few years down the track, so it's a sound investment in the long term. It will also add value to your home if you decide to sell at any point in the future.