In many old fashion homes, raw wood flooring was very common, even in kitchens. However, most modern homes, even if they have wood-style flooring, have some sort of composite material. That is, it is very uncommon for a modern home to have real wood flooring. Wood flooring usually has a plank style or laminate finish. That is, most people don't want to have actually wood on the surface that they are walking on. So, if you want the style of a wooden floor in your kitchen, there are many different ways to achieve it. This article explains three different substitutes for wooden flooring in a kitchen.

Composite Wood

Composite wood floors are those that are made out of wooden by-products. Of course, every company is going to have a slightly different make up, but most floors consist of ground up wood mixed together with glue. The outer layer that you walk on is usually a printed laminate or thin veneer. So, the ultimate result is a plank that pretty much weighs the same and has the same flexibility as normal wood. But, since less actual wood is used in the construction, the price per square foot is much more affordable. Also, the printed finish is much more durable and easy to take care of than an extra wood finish.


Vinyl is another popular option for wooden flooring styles. Vinyl can be printed with fine detail and texture to replicate the look of raw wood. Of course, when you are actually feeling and looking close up at the vinyl, you'll probably be able to figure out that it was not actually made out of wood. But, it creates the same style and doesn't have any of the drawbacks of excellence. The great thing about vinyl is that it is to clean and how long it lasts.


The cheapest option for a wooden style floor is linoleum with a wood print. Obviously, this is also going to be the least convincing finish. That is, nobody is going to look at a linoleum floor and think that it is actually made out of real wood. But, if you want the general style, it costs just a fraction of the other options. It is also very low maintenance material and you can stand up to some serious wear and tear.

All three of these choices might be right for wood style flooring in your kitchen. For more information, contact remodeling companies like AWS Remodeling and Design.