Many households desire a fresh look to their kitchen, but a complete overhaul is beyond their budget. Fortunately, there are ways to make your kitchen look significantly different without breaking the bank.

Play With Color

The easiest way to transform any room is with a fresh coat of paint. With your kitchen, simply painting the walls is not enough. You should incorporate cabinet doors and drawer fronts into your color scheme. Changing the color makes it easy to transform the mood of your kitchen. For example, anything other than a white wall can be too drastic for some people. Pairing your white walls with shades of blue and/or green cabinetry can bring the ocean scene right into your kitchen. If you prefer a more dramatic look, consider the moodiness of black for your kitchen. Black and gray or black and red can create a sophisticated and dramatic theme. Utilizing color is likely the most budget-friendly way to change your kitchen since you can change the colors on a whim.

Change Your Cabinetry

Both cabinet doors and drawer fronts can have an impact on your kitchen. Since entirely new cabinetry is costly and will require demolition to your kitchen, many contractors offer custom cabinet doors. Changing your cabinet door style is one option. You can incorporate more texture in your kitchen by opting for raised panels, which make your cabinet doors and drawers look more intricate. Adding glass to some of your cabinet doors can make the area look more open and also make finding items in your cabinets easier. You might also choose to remove some cabinet doors entirely for a more open shelving look in your kitchen. When you make changes to your cabinet, consider embracing the look of natural wood grain. The look of wood never goes out of style and can create a warm, natural appearance in your kitchen.

Accent With Lighting

Kitchen lighting is a powerful tool when you want to make changes. Recessed lighting is an option to bring more light into dim areas, since they can be installed under cabinets and make the sink or stove more visible. You can use traditional light fixtures to illuminate the entire kitchen and add to the decor. Pendent light fixtures or ones specifically used to illuminate islands can add elegance to your kitchen. If you want a more modern look, consider light fixtures with metal, such as brushed nickle.

Regardless of the light fixtures you choose, consider ones that are dimmable and use LED bulbs. Having a dimmer switch means your kitchen can be bright and upbeat or soft and relaxing at a moment's notice. You should be able to control different groups of light independently for more control over your kitchen lighting. The use of LED bulbs is not only energy-conserving, but makes it easier to deal with light fixtures that are not easily accessible since they do not need to be changed often.

Kitchen remodeling is not only for people with a large budget. There are strategic changes you can make that can give your kitchen new life or create any mood you want. Talk to a company like Guthrie  Kitchen &  Bath Plus LLC to learn more about your options.