If you have an older home and you are someone who appreciates the charm and character that comes with your home's age, then you may want to continue maintaining your bathroom in a way that always you to enjoy that original look for as many years as possible. Here are some of the things that you can do to help preserve that dated look in your bathroom.

Distress the cabinetry

Whether you have to replace the cabinetry due to damage that naturally happens due to age, you have changed it out to get more space in the cabinetry, or you are trying to undo the updating that someone else did to the cabinetry, there is a trick you can do to get that older look back.

You can achieve a distressed look on the cabinetry that will give the cabinetry that older look. You can do this technique easily yourself, which is going to help you to save money. Plus, many people like to do this on their own because it can be a lot of fun and you can take pride in your work after you see how great it turns out.

In order to distress the cabinetry, you want to prepare it for painting the same way you normally would. Paint a primer layer of paint and allow it to dry. Once you are ready to put a second layer in a different shade or color, you want to wipe a thin layer of Vaseline on some areas of the cabinetry. Wipe some of the Vaseline along the corners, on some of the bevels, and on a bit of the flat surface. Then, paint the cabinetry as you normally would and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, take a dry and clean cloth and wipe the paint off with the thin layer of Vaseline and the distressed look will be achieved.

Have the tub reglazed

If you still have the original tub in the bathroom, then you definitely want to keep it. However, age will take its toll on the bathtub, just as it does with everything else. The tub will likely have many worn areas, and it will also likely have cracks in the paint. You can have the tub reglazed. This is going to help give the tub back its nice look and is going to help you to maintain that great look in the bathroom that you want to achieve.

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