When it comes to countertops, the options seem endless. Many different materials may work for your home when it comes to countertops. Materials range from natural stone to solid surface and even stainless steel. For many, natural stone is the most appealing option. Granite, in particular, is popular due to its mix of durability and beauty. If you are thinking about granite countertops for your home, here are three things that you need to do before the installation.

Look At The Entire Slab

One of the most attractive attributes of granite is that it offers a lot of natural variability in terms of colors and patterns. No two slabs of granite are alike. While many homeowners enjoy how unique granite can be, it also can pose a challenge. A granite sample may not give you the best idea of how your countertops will look. The remedy to this is to look at the entire slab before your countertops are put into place. This will ensure that you are happy with your final results. 

Price It Out

The cost of granite can vary significantly, and it's important to price out your countertops before installation. How much you pay will typically depend on the grade of the granite, it's color and pattern, and the thickness of the slab you choose for your countertops. Costs for granite countertops range from $50 per square foot on the low-end to $200 per square foot on the high-end. Keep your budget in mind when looking into your options and make sure that you get an estimate of how much the installation will set you back. 

Know How To Maintain It

Another thing that you need to before installing granite countertops is to research the amount of maintenance required. The good news is that granite is low-maintenance. However, since granite is a natural stone, it can be porous. Because of its porosity, granite sealers must be applied every few years to keep your countertops in fantastic condition. You can seal your granite on your own or hire a professional. Professional sealing for granite countertops will cost in the neighborhood of $170 to $355

If you are installing granite countertops, there are a few things that you should do before installation. First, look at more than just granite samples. Granite has a lot of natural variabilities, and you will want to look at the entire slab before countertop installation to get the best idea of how it will look. Make sure you price out the total cost of countertop installation before choosing new countertops. Prices range a lot for granite. Finally, make sure that you know how to maintain your new countertops before installation.