While looking at the main bathroom inside your house, you may find that you have a lot of extra space available. However, you may already have most of the features that your family wants and needs, which means you can take up more space by increasing the size of existing features.

Although you can upsize many features in the bathroom, you should focus on certain ones that will provide improve the space in major ways for your household.


The shower in the main bathroom may be used on a consistent basis, which makes it worth increasing in size. If you already have a walk-in shower, you can increase its size by expanding the shower flooring and then replacing the door with one that accommodates the new size.

During this time, you should decide whether you want to add any new features to the shower because you may have more than enough space to fit them comfortably. Even adding built-in storage can increase your family's satisfaction with the shower because they will be able to store more of their products inside the shower as opposed to outside in cabinets and drawers.


One of the most useful features to upsize is the vanity because this can lead to an extra sink and more countertop space. You can even get more storage and a larger mirror out of increasing the vanity size. These are all things that will help your family enjoy using the bathroom more.

When you are willing to replace the existing mirror and vanity, you can look forward to replacing them with ones that fit into the available space perfectly. This will help you maximize how much counter space and storage capacity you get out of expanding the whole vanity for your family.


If your bathroom has a small to medium-sized window, you should consider replacing it and making it larger because you can bring in more natural lighting. If the weather outside is often comfortable enough to leave the windows open throughout most of the year, you can even look forward to keeping your bathroom at a more desirable temperature after the size increase.

When you want to maximize privacy, you should consider going larger towards the top part of the wall where no one will be able to see inside. The great thing about this kind of window expansion is that you can still get all the fresh air and natural light that your family may desire.

If you want to guarantee a positive outcome upsizing existing features, you should hire a bathroom remodeling company to work on the space.

For further tips, reach out to a local custom bathroom remodeling service.