Renting out a house is something that you may have been able to do successfully over the years. However, you need to invest in maintenance and upgrades to make sure that the rental stays appealing to potential tenants. If you are looking to make your next move regarding improvements, you cannot go wrong with adding features to the rental's kitchen. By working with a remodeling company, you can feel confident about making both major and minor additions and changes that will provide you with a more appealing rental.

Washer Dryer Combo

Adding a washer and dryer is something that you can do almost anywhere in a home you rent out, but you may likely find it the easiest and least expensive to do in the kitchen. Going with a washer and dryer combo means that you only need to dedicate a small area below the countertop to fit securely. By adding this feature to the kitchen, you will already have the electrical and plumbing system in the area. As a result, you will not have to do much electrical or plumbing work to set it all up.


If you want to make the kitchen even better for your tenants to use, you may want to put in a dishwasher that can minimize dishwashing responsibilities. This feature will come in handy for anyone who likes to cook at home because dishes can pile up after making just a single meal. For example, if you have a potential tenant who wants to save as much time as possible on house upkeep, they may appreciate the ability to put most dishes into a dishwasher.


In a large enough kitchen, you should add a custom island due to how much extra functionality you will be able to provide to your tenants. By going with a custom design, you can take care of potential weaknesses that the kitchen may have such as a lack of counter space or storage. If you want to provide built-in seating, you can design the island in a way that one side is dedicated to seating.

Garden Window

Some tenants may feel reluctant to grow a garden in a rental property's backyard because it can be challenging to take the plants with them if they move. But, you can provide your tenants with a great opportunity to grow herbs and vegetables by adding a garden window in the kitchen. This window can provide a lot of sunlight to make sure that these plants get the sunlight they need.

With these projects, you can increase the overall appeal of your rental's kitchen. For more information, contact a company like Eco Green Homes.