If you're in the process of remodeling your kitchen, you're likely familiar with how your options for countertop material are endless. With there being so many times to pick from, it can be overwhelming to make the decisions about what is going to be used in your kitchen for the foreseeable future. Here are some tips for picking out kitchen countertops.

Do You Want A Solid Surface Material?

What makes a solid surface material unique is that it is made out of an acrylic material that is very durable. People love solid surface materials because it resists heat, sunlight, moisture, and stains, which makes it perfect for a kitchen countertop material. You can have spills with dark liquids that will not absorb into the material itself, or place a hot pan directly on the countertop and not worry about burning the surface. What also makes solid surface material great is that it can be repaired with light buffing if it does become damaged.

Do You Want Marble Material?

Many homeowners love marble countertops because it has a natural beauty that looks timeless. However, marble is porous and can become stained over the years. You'll need to take greater care with a marble countertop material by sealing the surface. In addition, while the material has a mild resistance to heat, you can run into issues where it becomes discolored or burned over time if you are not careful.

Do You Want Granite Material?

Granite is another material that has natural beauty, which is due to the nature of how granite material is sourced. You will be selecting a slab of granite that has a unique pattern to it due to how the material was found in nature, with no two slabs of granite being identical to each other. Granite also has several advantages over marble. It has the ability to resist stains, scratches, and heat, and also protects against mold and mildew. This is because the material doesn't need a seal, and so liquids are not getting into the material. 

Do You Want Wood Material?

A wood countertop can be a natural fit for a kitchen, and the wide variety of wood means that you have plenty of options to pick from. Wood is a material that is porous, so it needs to be sealed occasionally to prevent all the damage that can come along with leaving it unsealed. The big advantage of wood is that it is heat resistant, so you won't damage the surface from hot pots and pans.