Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in your home. However, you want to feel comfortable while bathing, getting ready for the day, or spending time in the space. Having a space that feels tiny and cramped can make you feel uncomfortable and take away from the tranquility of the room. If you are looking to have bathroom remodeling completed, there are things that you or bathroom remodeling contractors can do to make a small bathroom look and feel larger. 

Select Lighter Colors

One of the best ways to make any space feel larger than it really is is to use lighter colors. Light colors, such as white, cream, sand, or pastel hues can all help a space to feel brighter, lighter, and more airy. While painting the wall is one way you can incorporate lighter colors into your space, for small bathrooms, you need to think beyond just wall paint. Try to use light-colored flooring, cabinets, and tiles in the space to really make it look and feel larger than it is. 

Pick a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Another tip that can help you to make a small bathroom look and feel larger than it is is to pick a frameless glass shower enclosure. Glass is see-through, which helps to trick the eye into overlooking a barrier, such as the glass door. Removing the metal frame also creates the illusion of more space in a bathroom. 

Make the Most of Reflective Mirrors 

Most bathrooms have at least one mirror hanging on the wall. When you are trying to make a small space seem larger, such as in a bathroom, consider hanging more than one mirror in the space, and utilizing mirrors on different walls when possible. Mirrors help reflect light, making a space look brighter and more open. They also naturally reflect an image, which can help trick your eyes, and then your mind, into thinking a space is larger. 

Install a Pocket Door

The final tip that can help make your small bathroom feel larger than it is is to install a pocket door. Bathroom doors that swing inward can take up a lot of space in a tiny bathroom. A pocket doors slides into and out of the wall, freeing up more space in your bathroom, and naturally, helping to make the space feel larger. 

Selecting light colors for the space, picking a frameless glass shower enclosure, utilizing reflective mirrors and installing a pocket door are all great ways to trick your eye and mind into believing that a small bathroom is much larger than it really easy. Reach out to bathroom remodeling contractors today to learn more about remodeling your existing bathroom.