When you aren't happy with your bathroom, you should realize that you don't have to accept it in its current condition. You can work with a bathroom remodeling contractor to renovate it, so it becomes one that you adore. It's important for you to be sure the remodeling contractor has your vision in mind and has all the information they need to give you the bathroom you deserve. You can read about some main concerns that homeowners often have about their bathrooms, as well as some ideas on how the remodeling contractor can help you to change and improve those things. 

The Bathroom Is Too Small

The small size of the bathroom is a common complaint with homeowners. Luckily, you likely have at least a few options when it comes to getting more space in that bathroom. Some things you can do to create more space, or the illusion of it, includes: 

  • Have the bathroom built out from the home to add space
  • Have the bathroom extended into the closet or room located next to it
  • Replace your vanity sink with a pedestal sink
  • Replace your tub with a shower
  • Replace glass framed shower rods with frameless rods
  • Use light colors
  • Get rid of any vertical striping that goes around the bathroom that can make it feel smaller

The Bathroom Feels Too Dark and Gloomy

If a bathroom is dark and gloomy, then it can have a depressing feel to it. You won't want to spend any more time than necessary in a bathroom like this. That's why it's a good thing that the bathroom remodeling contractor can give you a lighter and more airy bathroom you will appreciate. Some of the things that can be done to achieve this include: 

  • Having more windows installed
  • Having glass blocks installed in the wall where there are no windows
  • Having a skylight put in
  • Replacing dark flooring and wall tile with lighter options
  • Having the walls painted lighter colors
  • Having some great light fixtures installed and using bright white lighting for the space


You likely have a better idea now of some ways a bathroom remodeling contractor can transform your bathroom for you. Have a good time thinking about some of the things you want to have done to yours and deciding on the materials and hardware you are going to want to be used in your bathroom remodel.

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