When you contact a tile installation professional to talk about adding tile to the floor in one of the rooms of your home, you can expect that they'll ask you what tile size you favor. Tiles are available in several different sizes. Some tiles are small enough that you can hold several of them in your hand, while others are large enough to require both hands to hold just one. There are advantages to using small tiles, but you may find yourself leaning toward those that are larger. Here are three reasons that large flooring tiles can be a good choice for your home.

Spacious Feel

Large flooring tiles tend to offer more of a spacious feel than small tiles, which is an important detail to consider when you're choosing tiles for one of your rooms. If a room is on the smaller side but you want it to feel spacious, you'll almost certainly get the desired look with large tiles. Similarly, if you have a large, open area such as your front foyer, you'll want to choose tiles that enhance the spacious feel instead of make it seem smaller. Your tile contractor can likely show you pictures of rooms with different tile sizes, and you'll usually notice that those with large tiles can feel more wide open.

Faster Installation

Large tiles tend to be faster to install than those that are small. It won't take an experienced installer very long to cover the floor with large tiles. Completing this job would almost certainly take more time when dealing with small tiles. A faster installation process can be desirable for the homeowner for a couple of reasons. It will likely cost less money, and the floor will be complete and ready to use in a short amount of time — rather than partially finished for a few days, for example.

Easier To Keep Clean

A lot of people find that large tiles are easier to keep clean than those that are smaller. When you have a room that is filled with small tiles, there are a lot of grout lines. Grout can often become discolored due to foot traffic, which will require a lot of scrubbing to clean. Because a room with large tiles has fewer grout lines, you won't have this concern. To learn more about large tiles and determine what tile size will be right for you, talk to a professional about a custom tile installation.