Performing repairs on a brownstone building can lead to some unique challenges and responsibilities. It's important to be aware of these challenges and responsibilities if your brownstone is in need of repair work. 

The following are six important considerations you'll want to take into account when you're having repair work done on a brownstone building. 

The permit requirements or applicable regulations

Repairing or renovating a brownstone might involve going through a lot of red tape. Brownstones are more likely than other types of residences to be located in landmark districts where the rules and specifications for doing a large-scale remodel are particularly complex.

Make sure you've thoroughly researched the impact that needed permits and regulations will have on your repair project before you get started. 

The possible presence of asbestos

Brownstones tend to be older buildings that are more likely to contain asbestos. If you are having a repair job done on your brownstone, you might need to have your site tested for asbestos. If asbestos is detected, you might have to invest in large-scale remediation work. 

Hopefully asbestos won't be a problem. However, it's important to anticipate this issue. 

The possible classification of your brownstone as a historic building

It's likely that any brownstone is located in a district that is classified as "historic". You need to research whether your brownstone is located in a historic district. Consider any possible added costs that such a classification entails in your unique situation.

Remodeling contractors may charge more to perform extensive repairs on a brownstone that's considered a historic district. You might even need to hire a contractor that specializes in doing remodels on historic buildings so that your contractor knows how to work with the unique building materials and designs in an older brownstone. 

The original architectural features of your building

When it comes to brownstone repair, it's usually desirable to preserve the original look as much as possible even if you need to have large-scale repairs done. You therefore should try to find a remodeling contractor that is capable of recreating the original architectural features as much as possible.  

The weatherproofing options

If you're putting the effort into having repair work done on your brownstone, it's a good idea to also invest in weatherproofing.

Water damage is one of the most important potential causes of damage to your brownstone. You might want to invest in having a sealer or waterproof barrier put on your brownstone's outer wall at the same time that you have repair work done. 

The structure

An older building was likely put up at a time when building codes were more lenient regarding structural integrity. You might have to upgrade the structure of your brownstone as part of acquiring needed permits or ensuring that your building is safe. 

Make sure you discuss the condition of the overall structure with your remodeling contractor and have essential structural components like beams or staircases replaced or fortified as much as possible or necessary.

To learn more, contact a brownstone repair service in your area.