Getting excited about the boring stuff might sound like a strange plan. After all, folks who are remodeling their homes' bathrooms usually have lots to feel good about already. However, you should take some time to get excited about these three boring things during your renovation effort.

Fixing Everything That You Hate

If you bought a house rather than building one, there's a very good chance you hate some of the things going on in the bathroom. Maybe you look at the size and placement of the sink and think you'd have never arranged things that way. Perhaps the original owners never thought to install a half-bath or an en suite. 

Working with custom bathroom remodeling contractors is your chance to tear out everything you hate and fix it. If you're losing your wits because there isn't enough storage for your towels, now is the time to make it right. Want to just rip the tiles out of the shower and replace them with something nicer? Make it happen.


Another reason to get excited is that you have an opportunity to lower the long-term cost of owning your house. Especially if the house is a few decades old, it likely has some serious shortcomings in terms of energy efficiency. Older bathrooms often have close to zero flow control in the showerheads, toilets, and faucets. They frequently use older lighting systems like CFLs or even incandescent bulbs. The bathroom's windows may have poor insulation value and not let in much natural light, too.

Modern bathroom remodel solutions provide significantly greater efficiency. Ideally, you can lower your utility bills enough that several years of using the bathroom will offset a significant chunk of the remodeling cost.

Safety and Convenience

Given that bathrooms are often wet, it's astonishing to see how little thought went into making many of them safe. Installing handrails and slip-resistant tiles may not be the most compelling bathroom remodeling services, but they're important. Also, you can add ventilation to get the steam and wetness out of the bathroom quickly. Steam-resistant glass panels and mirrors can also add convenience to the bathroom. In-floor heating elements also can keep the bathroom drier.

You also can customize small features. If you never liked where and how the toilet paper roll is attached to the wall, now you can solve that problem. Put the soap dish tray in the shower where you want it. Add more lighting. You have to live with the bathroom so make it work the way you want.

Reach out to a company that offers bathroom remodel services to learn more.