Use photos and sample materials to help you select flooring products that are featured at a flooring store. Then, acquire input from a flooring specialist and your remodeling contractor. 

Find The Right Balance

Review some home improvement websites that feature flooring projects. The pictures and descriptions of various floor materials that you review may guide you in choosing several flooring types that you would like to explore while visiting a floor store. Print out some photos of the flooring types that appeal to you.

Consider the other design elements that will be located in the same room where the new floor materials will be installed. If you are using fabric swatches and other sample materials to assist with choosing new curtains or upholstery, these items can be used to compare and contrast various types of flooring. Bring all of the pictures and samples with you when you visit a flooring store.

Receive Input From A Specialist

A flooring specialist who works at the flooring store will answer any questions you have about a particular flooring style. You may want to know if a flooring product will be suited to be installed directly over a subfloor. You may also be curious about the level of care that a flooring product will require. Your consultation will provide valuable input that will help you select a flooring style that won't be difficult to install, plus that will be easy to maintain.

Many floor products may come with a warranty. Take the time to learn about the coverage that you will be supplied with, once you have settled on a flooring material for your home. 

Tackle The Project

Your remodeling contractor will compile a list of all of the trim materials, hardware, and other accessories that will be needed when the new flooring products are being installed. Many of the materials you will need can be purchased through the same retail shop where you will be buying the flooring materials from.

After purchasing all of the floor products that are necessary for the upgrade, make arrangements to have the materials delivered to your home. Your remodeling contractor may request that you have the new materials stored in a separate room while they perform some preliminary steps

All of the existing floor materials will be ripped up during this time. As the flooring project is underway, you and the contractor can discuss some other design elements that will support the addition of the flooring.

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