Does your kitchen look old and outdated? You may not be able to put your finger on what, exactly, it is about the kitchen that gives it this look. But you know that you want to remodel your kitchen in a way that makes it look newer and more modernized. Whether you opt to make a few changes or undergo a full kitchen remodel, here are some key ways to modernize an older kitchen. 

Get rid of stained wood

Stained wood was really common in kitchens during certain eras, but in modern times, people tend to think it makes kitchens look too close and dark. If you have wood cabinet doors or a lot of prominent crown molding in the kitchen, consider just painting over it. If you paint it in a light color, that will instantly open up the space and make it look more modern. Keep this in mind if you decide to replace your cabinets too. Painted doors are the way to go now.

Leave more open space

Gone are the days when clutter and lots of detail were trendy. Modern kitchens are made to feel and look spacious and open. Think about ways you could create a more open kitchen design. Can you knock out a half-wall? Maybe you could remove a peninsula and make do with a little less counter space. Another option is to create the illusion of having more space by replacing some of your upper cabinets with open shelving.

Create storage for your appliances

Leaving appliances like your coffee pot, toaster, and mixer out on the counter all of the time is a bit outdated. If you create dedicated storage areas for these appliances, your kitchen will look more modern. This could just mean having one of your new cabinets made larger to accommodate the appliances. Or, it could mean pull-down appliance garages on your counter.

Bring in more light

Sometimes, all it takes to modernize a kitchen is more light. Some task lights under the cabinets to help you see what's on your counter are a good choice. Maybe you replace your window with a larger one. Perhaps you hang a few pendant lights over the table. You really can't have too much lighting in a modern kitchen design.

Keep the ideas above in mind as you work on modernizing your kitchen. A kitchen remodeling contractor can offer you more advice.