Does your short height make it hard to reach top cabinets, slice on a counter, or otherwise cook and prepare food in the average kitchen? If so, you may want to work with a kitchen remodeling company to re-design your kitchen and make it more suitable for your individual needs. There are a few elements a designer can include in kitchen plans in order to make the space more functional for short people.

Drop-Down Shelves in Upper Cabinets

You may not want to get rid of your upper cabinets just because you have trouble reaching the top shelves. A good alternative is to have your kitchen remodeling team add drop-down shelves to your cabinets. These are shelves that are mounted on special, swinging hinges. You can grab the edge of the shelf and pull it out, then down. This brings the shelf to a lower level where you can more easily reach all of the items sitting on it. To put the shelf back in place, you just give it a gentle push. The hinge closes it the rest of the way.

Shorter Counters

There is a "standard height" for kitchen counters, but people who are shorter than average often find that height too tall. Ask your remodeling contractor to make your countertops shorter. This will also mean shorter, squattier lower cabinets. You may want to measure the distance from the floor to your upper waist and give the remodeling team that measurement. They can use it to determine the best custom counter height for you. This way, you won't have to stand on a stool to cut your veggies anymore!

Shorter Fridges

While most fridges are tall, there are shorter models out there. A kitchen remodeling team may be able to order a shorter fridge from a more specialized appliance company and include it in your kitchen design. With a shorter fridge, you can more effectively use the top shelves. You also won't have so much trouble with items accumulating on top of the fridge where they are hard to reach. There are even really wide models that have the fridge and freezer next to one another instead of on top of each other.

Just because you're short does not mean you should not have a comfortable kitchen to cook in. Talk to a kitchen remodeling service like Premier CCM Inc  about designing a kitchen with drop-down shelves, shorter counters, and a shorter fridge.