When remodeling a kitchen, one of the most important material choices you will make is your counter material. There certainly are a lot of options to choose from, including granite, marble, wood, and even concrete. One material that deserves some careful consideration is quartz. There is a reason why quartz has become so popular lately; it has a lot of benefits. Here are a few of them.

Quartz comes in many colors and patterns.

Even though it is often made to look like natural slabs of stone, quartz is not. It is an engineered stone material. Small chunks of rock and rock dust are blended together and formed into unique patterns. As such, you can find quartz in many different colors and patterns. You can go with a more natural look that is attempting to mimic granite or marble, or you can opt for a less natural look with streaks of bright blue, purple, or a similar color.

Quartz resists water penetration.

With many counter materials, you have to worry about water penetrating into the material and leading to rot, mold growth, deterioration, and bacterial growth. This is not an issue with quartz. The binders and resins used to keep the stone chunks together are basically impervious to water. You can clean the counters with water and a mild cleaner, and you'll be set. There's no reason to worry if anything spills on the counter or if it is otherwise exposed to moisture for a longer period.

Quartz is affordable.

You can pay a small fortune for kitchen counters. Granite and marble tend to come with a very high price tag, but quartz tends to be far more affordable. This is partially because it is made from stone dust and other waste generated when other pieces of stone are cut. It is also because quartz does not have to be cut and hauled from a quarry as natural stone counters do. If you want a nice-looking counter without a high price tag, quartz is the way to go.

Quartz is easy to install.

While quartz counters are heavy, they are quite easy for the installers to work with. They don't have big, natural veins that the installers have to work around, and they tend to cut quite easily.

Quartz counters are an increasingly common option in kitchens of all types. If you think you may want them in your kitchen, contact a counter company soon.