Kitchen renovation is often one of the most expensive forms of home remodeling. Knowing where to spend versus save can make a big difference. Target these six budget items to get the most from the project. 

Countertop Materials

The range of materials for countertops is impressive. Consequently, there are great options across a range of budgets. Marble countertops will look amazing, but you can achieve similar results with quartz. You might go a different direction with a butcher block countertop.

Price different materials and consider how they could fit into your new kitchen's style. You might even be inspired to go in a more cost-effective direction to achieve a different look.


One of the most efficient ways to upgrade a kitchen is to renovate the lighting. Relocating the lights can put the focus on a handful of key improvements. You might add an under-cabinet light to show off a new backsplash.

Lighting upgrades also can be long-term money-savers. Using a more efficient system can reduce operating costs.


A classic cost-saving trick is to refinish existing features. Cabinets are the most common targets. If the cabinets are still structurally solid, you can have a contractor refinish them. Folks who want to go more aggressive can pay for new doors and hardware to change the look of the cabinets. Especially if you're remodeling the kitchen right after buying the house, this is a good way to update the space without breaking the bank.


Few features instantly change the appearance of a kitchen like a backsplash. In addition to protecting cooking and cleaning areas, backsplashes are cost-effective eye candy. You can use the tiles to create distinct patterns. The backsplash is also a good way to divide the upper and lower sections of the room. You can introduce some color in the tiles, too.

Small Hardware

Upgrading little pieces of kitchen hardware can improve the space's look quickly. Replacing handles, hinges, and faucets will give the kitchen a fresh appearance.

Open or Floating Storage

Cabinets and shelves provide most of the storage in a typical kitchen. You can reduce materials costs by using open or floating systems. Open storage lacks doors. Floating shelves are single shelves that mount directly to the wall. Not only do they save on materials, but these storage systems provide a distinct appearance. Particularly if you have accent items to show off, such as nice dishes, this approach can be visually appealing.

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